Chunking files when uploaded with Android App 2.8.0


Actual behaviour

When I upload files greater then 1 MB the files will be splited (chunking) and not put together after upload has been finished. After upload, I see files like

  • IMG_20140810_113331.jpg-chunking-3032-3-0 (1000kb)
  • IMG_20140810_113331.jpg-chunking-3032-3-1 (1000kb)
  • IMG_20140810_113331.jpg-chunking-3032-3-2 (311kb)

Files smaller than 1 MB can be uploaded without any issue. In addition, iOS is working well and files aren’t splited.

Any idea how to fix this?

Thank you very much for your help.


Expected behaviour

Files bigger than 1 MB should be uploaded properly.

Environment data

Android version: Any Android

Device model: Andy Device

ownCloud app version: 2.8.0

ownCloud server version: 9.0.5-2.1


Chunking is a matter of the networking library (together with the chunking mecanism in the server side). We have just released a new beta version of the Android client (2.9.0-beta1) in which the networking support was totally changed for a newer and moderner one. If you are interested in checking in, you can get it from Play Store by becoming beta tester.


Hello jesmrec
Thank you very much for your quick answer. I really appreciate that. Is there a chance that my problem is fixed in 2.9 or do I also have to update my linux server running 9.0.5-2.1? I think chunking is a setting of the client (Android App) and can’t be changed on the server. Right?

Greetings Manuel


i could not reproduce the problem you described above. The point is that the responsibility of the chunking managent is a different one, so i think it’s worthy to check what happens with the new networking library, and let us know if the problem persists. Of course, the 2.9-beta1 includes more features that you will enjoy (check ownCloud 2.9 beta app for Android released).

On server side, i encourage you to upgrade to oC10.



could it be also possible that the chunking isn’t correctly done because of some issues in this outdated ownCloud version?