Collabora Online in Enterprise-Edition


I was wondering what the difference is between getting ownCloud Enterprise with Collabaro Online and using the Collabora Code VM and the available plugin to integrate it into the Community Edition of ownCloud? Are there any differences in terms of features or is it "just" support?

Yes. You would get access to the packages for a variety of Linux Distributions and assistance with the setup. Collabora in Code or in the VM is also limited to 10 users and 20 documents.

Okay. But what do you mean bei limited? I couldn't find these numbers anywhere?

It is a hard coded limitation by Collabora Online in the CODE version. But CODE has all the great stability and testing only Collabora can deliver. Yesterday a solution based on the now available LibreOffice Online was announced, but I am sure it has other shortcomings. Let me know if you try it:
How many users do you have?

Okay, thanks. I'll check it out.

Besides this tip: Can anyone point me to a site / faq / description where that limit is mentioned?

Edit: Any recommendations as far as server power is concerned?

You might want to contact Collabora about that. The limit comes from their product so they are the best contact persons for this question.