Could not move folder

I'm on OC 9.1.4

I have a folder for a project I want to move into another folder, but whenever I try I'm told "Could not move (foldername)".

I checked the logs and it looks like no actual error is generated, so I don't understand why I can't do this. I even tried with the plugin to cut/paste the folder, to no avail.

Tried googling, couldn't find anything that was necessarily helpful for me.

Anyone with keen ideas?

Maybe first update to the recent version 9.1.5:

I don't see anything relevant in the patch notes for 9.1.5 for my situation though.

I had the same problem in 9.1.5. I saw in the data/owncloud.log that it was because the file/folder was locked. I followed this page to fix it.


Locking appears to have been the issue. I'm unsure why the files were being locked, so if this keeps happening I'm going to have to delve into that link of yours deeper :slight_smile: