Create new user: mail-address wrong

Version 10.0.10:
I create a new user with a validate e-mail-adress.
But owncloud says: e-mail-address wrong.
Is that a bug?

Hope this helps you

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thanks - but I now don‘t know what to to - installing the last version ?!?

If I had to do so, I would work since today with windows 1.0

you have the latest version .

i meant: the previous, sorry.
Didn‘t you read the answer before, then it had be clear, what was meant.


Why should I use a program, which workes not on the first steps? Shit!

Maybe the FAQ below gives you some hints how to choose a method for user creation which works out of the box. It seems it is also describing whats required (a correct SMTP configuration) to be able to create users with e-mail addresses.

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