Data Data and more Data

Running CentOS 7 on a new VPS. I installed Owncloud fresh, everything went well. I DID NOT have a true backup of my old VPS but I was able to save all user files that were in the data folder. I want to know how I can use FTP or SFTP to upload the files from my local machine directly into the users folder? Right now I'm being forced to manually create the folder and upload the files which is taking forever. I know it must have something to do with the database because when I create a folder and then re-fresh the page it doesn't show up when the user is logged into Owncloud. Having to use FTP would really help administration issues and restorations when things go bad. Anyone have any idea on how to do this? I'm running the latest stable 9.1.0.

Been reading more and I see there's no way to easily upload files except Webdav or whatever. And the Windows client always has errors which I'll post in the right area.


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