Moving files to the data folder


I'm new to owncloud, however I managed to install it succesfully on my synology nas webserver running Apache,php,mySQL.

Everything works well. Now I wanted to move all my existing data into the data folder. I did this outside the owncloud application by using synology file station. However, it seems by doing it this way, the data is not recognized in owncloud, as it doesnt appear in the owncloud application itself. I assume the necessary database structure is not created in case the upload feature of owncloud itself is not used.

So question is: if the data has been copied to the data folder outside owncloud, is there a way to tell the database to refresh its structure with the current data in the data folder? Or is uploading the data through owncloud itself the only way to have it correctly recognized?

I wish there was a better solution then using WebDAV, There are so many issues and compatability problems with WebDAV, along with a big learning curve to know how to use it. I would love to be able to upload via FTP, then have a built-in script or function where you tell Owncloud to rescan the data folder and sync up with the database. That's more like it. I'm only consumer, but I have a large family and taking care of all their files is my job, also to make sure they are backed up and never lost. Yea I use Crashplan and other local methods to help, but once I get everyone on Owncloud there really needs to be more of a management piece or tool. Logically you'd think FTP would be the easiest way to restore and put files back, which it is, but Owncloud doesn't support that. Is this a final decision or will there be the ability to administer the data via FTP client? Never realized WebDAV was even used these days.

FTP is not encrypted and uses ports that are often blocked. The webDAV issue is more that the default Windows implementation does not work that good. But with a proper client that should be possible. I did some tests with WinSCP, there are also some clients that allow you to do a network mount.

As a admin, you can use any tool on the system to run a backup. You can create snapshots, use rsync/rsnapshot, ftp, ...

I do use encryption. I do use WinSCP with all my VPS's and they are all encrypted. The topic here is trying to get Ownloud to recognize the files I manually, which we all have been told Owncloud doesn't suuport moving the files up using secure WinSCP. The point is no matter what method is used to manually move files, there's no way Owncloud is going to recognize them.

Seems you havn't read the previously linked FAQ and the two alternatives listed there. One of those doesn't need WebDAV

You use the webDAV protocol and the URL used in the user's account?