Why does my files I put into datadir don't appear in ownCloud?


I’m putting files on operating system into the datadirectory but they don’t appear within the WebGUI of ownCoud.


Manually modification within the datadir is unsupported as stated in the documentation:



  1. Use a WebDAV client to access your files as described in https://doc.owncloud.org/server/8.2/user_manual/files/access_webdav.html From command line (on the same server for example) you can use a client like “cadaver”.

  2. Use the “External storage support” App:
    You can create a folder like /mnt/ocupload, mount that folder with the local option:
    and put the files into the folder /mnt/ocupload. If they don’t appear make sure you have followed:

  3. Use alternative WebDAV mount methods like dav2fs, gvfs or similar

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