Decrypt all files with recovery key

i need to decrypt all files before i can update to newer versions.

Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04
Web server: Apache
Database: Mysql
PHP version: 7.1.4
ownCloud version:

I got to the point where i used in bash:

php occ encryption: decrypt -all --method recovery

I get:

Attempting to use recoverykey from environment: OC_RECOVERY_PASSWORD
and in red
In DecryptAll.php line 208
Invalid credentials

How do i get owncloud to decrypt all files with the recoverykey?

Just checked, the recoverykey is from an older version from 2015.


This seems to be a bug in the method which is used to prepare the encryption module to decrypt all files.

Basically, the method is always jumping here encryption/DecryptAll.php at master · owncloud/encryption · GitHub as the variable $user is not seen as empty, so the code thinks we are trying a decrypt for a single user instead of all users.

You could try to replace encryption/DecryptAll.php at master · owncloud/encryption · GitHub with:

if ($input->getArgument('user') === '') {

this should allow going through the correct code path.

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