Desktop client 2.2.3 rc1 released

Hi everyone,

We're releasing the desktop client 2.2.3 beta1.

This is a bugfix release and does not bring any new features.

Download here (or git checkout v2.2.3-beta1):

Please have a look at the changelog:

For discussions or any help in setting up we recommend to try ownCloud central first:

For real confirmed bugs please try github:

thank you

Markus Goetz / guruz

(for the whole client team and the contributors of this release..)


...and we got rc1 out with a small fix related to if the server has a backup restored.

Download here (or git checkout v2.2.3-rc1):
As usual, we're also offering Testpilotcloud which is a separately branded client with a different configuration directory so you can try this first if you don't want to update your normal client.

Please test :slight_smile:

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