Desktop Client 2.3.0 released



(message for beta1)

Hi everyone,

Please see the changelog and download links on

We also have a "testpilotcloud" branding that uses a separate configuration directory and does not interfere with your normal client installation: See the links on the right side here:

Happy testing...

Please report any issues as soon as possible to us.




Here is a test package of the openSUSE downstream package as I maintain it in openSUSE Tumbleweed:


... and now we're at the rc1 :slight_smile:


... now at rc2. The final will come early next week.


Need to nag again.

With the memory reductions in 2.3.0 we now delete our sync jobs more eagerly when they are done. Unfortunately this lead to a crash which we thought we had fixed in rc2, but we didn't. Now with rc3 we're more confident.

Please update to rc3 no matter if you experienced the crashes or not :slight_smile:

And make sure to always feed our nice crash reporter server if there is still a crash left.

ownCloud desktop client not starting on Windows 10

The final is out:

Have fun :slight_smile:



-> 2.3.1 rc1


In the meantime, the update is pushed to existing clients, so your Windows client should ask you to update.