Desktop Client 2.4.0 rc2 released

Message of alpha1 follows, beta further down
We're proud to release the first Alpha version of the 2.4.0 desktop client. Among a ton of refactorings we've done to stay future-proof, there are also new features like OAuth2 support, a better error view, more sharing features and better file manager integration.

We consider it quite safe to use (the auto test suites pass!) but we encourage you (as always) to have backups of your data.

We also provide a build in the 'testpilotcloud' theme. This is an independent themed client (using ownBrander) that you can use with a separate sync configuration. You can install both from here:

Please see the ChangeLog and download links on

Happy testing...

Please report any issues as soon as possible to us. Ideally here in the thread or directly on GitHub.

As usual, thanks to all contributors.


PS: is needed server-side for OAuth2. Will also be in the ownCloud marketplace soon.


OAuth2 app for the ownCloud server has been published in the ownCloud Marketplace:


A bit more than 1 month later, we're announcing the beta1. We have updated the ChangeLog and download links.

Since the alpha1 had a bug with regards to hidden files on Linux and macOS, we want to ask you to update! Thank you

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We are now at rc1. Please help us testing.

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We're at rc2 now. Final should be incoming before Christmas and will probably be identical to rc2.


Happy new year everyone!

The final was released. We're about to publish a blog post explaining some of the new things in detail.

You can check the ChangeLog and downloads at

The auto updater for Windows/Linux was already activated (Linux updates as usually go through your distro-specific updating). For macOS we had a compile issue for older Macs that lead to crashing on those Macs. This is fixed now and we'll enable the auto updater for macOS too :slight_smile:

See also

There is a blog post with pictures on