Disabling directories which shouldn't be synced


we’ve set different directories to be synced. Now we want to disable some subdirectories cause these ones shouldn’t be synced yet. Unfortunately by doing this not only the sync stops but the directory will be deleted locally as well (which is not intended).

How can we disable syncing for subdirectories without deleting the respective subdirectories?


Check this:
Using the Desktop App :: ownCloud Documentation

thanks for your feedback, Michael. I know this feature but it looks only like a workaround. I think I remember that it was possible just to check/uncheck the different directories in a former version.

So I’ve hoped I did only something wrong and it would be possible to exclude directories by using the option boxes…

Isn’t that possible anymore?


Related to a bug in 2.11.0? (No more possibility to select subfolders for sync with last release 2.11.0 (build 8354)). It’s fixed in the new 2.11.1 release. But deselecting a subfolder removes the local copy.

thanks for referencing the similar topic. The original request seems to be the same - opting for syncing yes/no by checking it on the directory tree. But I cannot see wether it was fixed in that way cause the following conversation only shows that the tree is accessible again but not wether the sync could be switched on/off.

How can I simply opt for syncing the local folder or not (without affecting the local folder)? I just want to set the sync on/off…

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