No more possibility to select subfolders for sync with last release 2.11.0 (build 8354)

Hi team,

I have upgraded Owncloud with the last release this morning on my Windows desktop.
It appears that I can no more select subfolders to exclude or include them in the synchronization process.

We have some very huge folders (more than 300Gb), so we need to select the subfolders we want to sync. It would be a nightmare if this option disappears or does not work any more.

Thanks in advance

Expected behaviour

Before the update, we were able to select subfolders for sync

Actual behaviour

The arrow to open a folder in the client desktop app is still available in front of each parent folder, but it is not active any more.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Simply update the desktop app to the las release
  2. Open the Owncloud dialog
  3. Click on your account
  4. the list of folders to sync are displayed
  5. there is no possibility to display the subfolders to select or exclude them from the sync process

Server configuration

Operating system: Linux
Database: MySQL
PHP version: 7.4.30
ownCloud version: Community edition
Storage backend (external storage): None

Client configuration

Client version: 2.11.0 (build 8354)
Operating system: Windows 10


Sync folders can have two different modes:

  • Regular Sync
  • Virtual Files (VFS)

No selective sync in VFS mode, because you only sync placeholders, not the real 300Gb+. On Windows 10, VFS is the default, but you cal always change the setting.

No, I have used “Regula sync” for years, and did not change this.
I have just upgraded my desktop client this morning.

I’v run into the same problem on Mac (High Sierra and Monterey),

This is not a case of getting confused with virtual file support. Clicking what should expand the folder tree seems to either do nothing, or if you click often enough momentarily expands it and then collapses it rendering any subfolder selection impossible.

I have client machines with the 2.10.1 (build 7187) all showing and selecting subfolders correctly. Upgrade to 2.11.0 (build 8354) breaks it. I’m in the same position as Imw with large top level folders. It pretty much makes 2.11.0 unusable for me.

Hi, same problem here after update to owncloud 2.11 on mac os mojave (10.14.6) with “regular sync”. Best, Mauricio.

This is odd. It really looks like your owncloud-client thinks it is in VFS mode.
Please check: In the 3-dots menu, on the right hand side, do you see
Enable virtual file support ... or Disable virtual file support... ?

I’ve just upgraded one of my win11 machines to the 2.11.0 client, and selective sync works perfectly fine for me.

(I consider it a design flaw, that VFS disables selective sync, but that is a different discussion.)

Hello jnweiger - this appears to be a valid idea, however it does not work for clients, where VFS was NOT enabled earlier. We seem to have the issue still pending for all the clients (PC and MAC), who have selective REAL Sync - and cannot select/de-select subfolders…

Any other ideas ?

You mean, a reproducer should be:

  • start with 2.10.0 without VFS
  • never enable VFS
  • upgrade to 2.11.0

I’ll have to try again. It did not work for me like this.
But I found something fishy meanwhile:

I confirm that I see “Enable virtual file support ...

I have only one server, and one connection.

This is what I have done so far.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the comparison. So it also happens with one connection.
Might be more related to config and upgrade history in your case.

Modern config has account settings like “0\Folders\1\virtualFilesMode=off” – maybe this setting is missing in your config?

If you can, please:

  • enable logging in the client,
  • send us log files and config files.
  • describe (screenshots) how exactly the selective sync feature is failing for you. Completely missing, or only some folders not unfoldable, or other…

Hi @jnweiger

Unfortunately, I cannot send you the log files which contains too much sensitive information.

I would like to upload my config file, in which I removed any sensitive information, but I am not granted to do it because of “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.” error message.

Could please authorize me?


Promoted you from ‘New User’ to ‘Basic User’ – if that does not help, please try to attach to

Hi @jnweiger

As agreed, here is my config file
owncloud_with_private_info_removed.cfg.txt (4.0 KB)

Best regards


Wanted to show the problem with images, since I believe I’m having the same problem as @lmw .

We’re using “regular” sync, no VFS, have never used VFS. ownCloud desktop 2.11.0 is not allowing any of my users to select subfolders in the list of folders (picture below). I tried reverting back to the previous version of the dektop app, 2.10.1, and there the subfolders are visible again (picture below).

Image: 2.10.1 showing subfolders in top folder “4”.

Image: 2.11.0 not showing subfolders in top folder “4”, even when arrow is clicked.

This happens in latest Windows 10 and latest Windows 11.

Thank you for helping.

Hello everyone,

I can confirm the same behavior on Xubuntu 22.04 with OwnCloud client 2.11.0.
Similar to the posts before I never used VFS and I have a single server with multiple client-devices, however only one connection per client - and only one owncloud user.

Thanks for the assistance.

Best regards,

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I am observing this on openSUSE Leap 15.4 with client version 2.11.0. I have never enabled VFS, and my client currently shows an option to enable it which is labeled as experimental. Clicking the arrow next to a folder will make it point downward, but does not show the subfolders.

Thankfully I sync all folders on this device, but I have other client machines that use selective sync.

We are not sure whether this is a migration bug. Could you please try to add your account in 2.11 as a new one?

I just managed to reproduce this with an ownCloud 10 server on xubuntu 22.04, too. There are some hints that this bug only occurs with specific server versions. Could you please post your server versions?

Also, please check whether the “choose what to sync” feature in the setup wizard works:


In my case the “choose what to sync” in the wizard works fine but not the normal selector. My server version is 10.9.1