Docker-compose based install: how to get email notifications about available updates?

Hi there.

Since a couple of months I’m running OC on my dedicated server, in a docker-compose-based setup.

I wonder how to enable email notifications about available OwnCloud server upgrades?

I have email configured in OwnCloud, and I know it’s working. But I haven’t received any email yet to notify me about an available update.

There was one update available in the meantime, but I only stumble across it because I searched for it.

Of course I already googled it, and I also searched here in the forum. I’ve found a couple of related questions, but none answers my question.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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I don’t use the Docker deployment, but I wonder if the strategy I use for (other projects’) packages from Github might work in your situation. Does the Docker repository have a way to enable email notification when a new release is published?


IIRC, I never got an email for server upgrades. But I get frequent mails by the “Update notification” app, regarding updatable apps I have installed.

Ah, that’s indeed one possible approach.

That would be the “core” repo (github . com / owncloud / core), right?

You can indeed subscribe to specific events, in my case that would be “Security Alerts” and “Releases.” Click the “Watch” icon (the “eye”) on the top right of the repo for that.

Thanks for suggesting it. Let’s see how helpful it actually is… :slight_smile:

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Isn’t that weird? In my view this is a really essential feature to have… For me “Security” comes first with everything I do on the internet, especially when it comes to hosting stuff on my own server…

I wasn’t even aware of the “Update Notification” app, but I can confirm I also have it installed (probably comes by default, can’t remember that I explicitly added it). But in fact I’ve never received any notification from it (I don’t have many “apps” installed, maybe this is why…)

Huh, I just noticed there’s not a single “release” yet… They’re not using that feature, they’re using “tags” instead. And guess what, you can be notified on new “tags”… :frowning:

Maybe, yes. But there are those notifications popups for available server upgrades. Occasionally, they come a bit late, as it depends on a manual process.

I’ve never seen a “notification popup” so far?! :confused:

In fact when I just checked I noticed there’s a 10.13.2 tag available (created 5 days ago), while OwnCloud would not mention anything about an available upgrade when I went there half an hour ago…

Could you elaborate on the “manual process” piece, please? Is there anything I need to do for that?


i think it could be possible that the e-mail notification needs to be configured separately:

Could you elaborate on the “manual process” piece, please? Is there anything I need to do for that?

I think Alfred is referring to the manual publishing of the availability of an update which needs to be done by the ownCloud people but which is some time missed, delayed for unknown reasons or similar :-/


Yes, but this is only a (noncritical) patch version. It can take a few days (or weeks :wink: ) until a notification appears.

Make sure that you configure the “Update notification” app. (Settings->General)



there is also the following settings under myowncloud/settings/admin?sectionid=general which i think could be also relevant for the notifications:


Ah, I understand. Thank you.

This is really a strange approach… I wonder why there are doing it… I try to automate as much as possible when it comes to hosting stuff…


I don’t have that as I use a docker-compose-based setup… :slight_smile:


Sorry, I missed this. That’s a great idea, I will check this out immediately…

Ok, done checking. “Natively” it doesn’t seem to be possible.

There is a web app (docker-notify) or apps to be installed locally (DIUN) that can do it, though. I think I’ll play with the web app…

Thank you.


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