Does anyone else see this issue with sync

(For Windows Owncloud Client users)

It’s really simple.

In Windows explorer, find a folder in a sync’d area and rename it.

Then open the desktop client and check the Activity log to see what happened.

Then rename the folder back to the original name and check the Activity log again.

Doe the client use “Move” or “Upload” and “Delete” in each case?

Thanks for any replies.

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i think this is a duplicate posting of something which was already discussed a few months ago in Windows desktop app; re-uploads instead of moves.

I’m not sure if it helps to create a new thread about the same, especially as @dmitry seems to have posted there that they are working on a solution.

Hi Tom42,

Yes “a few months ago” is the key point here. Months ago, and very little response. That’s why I tried here to rephrase it as more of a call for some simple feedback rather than recounting the issue.

For us it is extremely serious - so this is a last attempt to glean some useful information before looking for alternative solutions.

I don’t think expending effort on complaining about it being a “duplicate” is actually helping anyone.

Any useful information would be welcome.



but it seems the issue was already confirmed by someone of ownCloud in Windows desktop app; re-uploads instead of moves and that they are working on a solution so i personally don’t understand why it was required to create a new thread in that case. :frowning_face:

Maybe you could just have asked for a status in the existing topic to see how the ownCloud people have proceeded with this issue?

I created a similar but simplified case in the github area and received the reply that everyone was too busy to help.

We just want to have some idea whether it is only us who suffer this issue of whether it is a general problem.

So far only one person has helped by carrying out the test I asked for.

I’ve moved the initial post and constructive replies to the original thread. — closed

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