Empty admin area

After installin ownCloud on server (no errors) and loging I found very strange behaviuor. I can't to see any data (empty blank space) or use any admin links as it is disabled (# when click it). Any ideas how to solve it ans start using the script?

Server configuration
Operating system: CentOS Linux 6.8
Web server: Apache/2.2.15
Database: MySQL 5.6.35
PHP version: 5.6.30
ownCloud version: 9.1.4


if no files / content is shown this mostly means that your webserver is misconfigured that it blocks the needed HTTP WebDAV verbs which are used by the WebGUI.

See the FAQ in [1] for all known info and workarounds how to fix that webserver setup. As you also don't have Add (+) button see [2]. Your logfiles like explained in [3] might also give you additional info.




worked few days trying to solve it but i see i will give up and will look for another dms as can't figure ou what is wrong. The error i ger running litmus is this and i can't figure out what to change to allow MKCOL:

litmus http://docs.mobilecenter.lt/remote.php/webdav user pass
-> running basic':
0. init.................. pass
1. begin................. FAIL (Could not create new collection
/remote.php/webdav/litmus/' for tests: 404 Not Found
Server must allow MKCOL /remote.php/webdav/litmus/' for tests to proceed)
<- summary for
basic': of 2 tests run: 1 passed, 1 failed. 50.0%
See debug.log for network/debug traces.

Did you check your config if you block these verbs?

Keep an eye on SELinux as well.

No luck at all with given instructions. SELinux is disabled. Now I even can't login as I have login page, can make input into user and password fields but the login arrow is disabled nor enter key is working.

With debug level and logfiles you should normally get more information. Do you use admin panels or a plain system? Try a different browser or a different system as well, certain extensions might block important parts (ad blocker, anti virus, ...).