Error 423 Owncloud

I have an ssd hard drive that is permanently plugged into my Mac OS 10,15,15 computer using usb.

All creations or modifications made on my SSD is automatically synchronized on my owncloud

Only I have a problem. I have backups of my old Mac OS versions on my ssd and owncloud can’t synchronize them! I have this message

I tried to delete my old versions but I got an “is locked” error

sorry for my English

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Sorry But I am not allowed to post images.


i did the following search:"file%20is%20locked" and found the following FAQ. Maybe this helps on how to unlock the file?

Hello tom42
Sorry but my english is not verry good.
Why when i try to store vacation movies in mpg format the transfer with owncloud crash and blocked?

Have you been able to unlock the files now?
How long did the upload take? Was it potentially longer than an hour?

Can you check your server configuration for this article:

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My movie has a size 4,98 Go

I transferred directly via ftp and it works