Error access documentation

Why the server send me a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED?
I’m not behind a firewall or a proxy server.
Thank you


this looks to me like some sort of infrastructure issue on ownCloud side:

Thank you tom42. I’ll try again next year -)


if you want to look for some documentation in a timely matter you could also browse through the source code of the documentation which is still online at:

Thank you again Tom42. I start reading now.

Of course I upgrade while the doc site is down … any ETA on when it might come back? Everything I try to look up links me to the doc site.


the first question is probably if this is already known to the responsible person(s) / team managing the infrastructure (there are probably vacation/not working days and similar “in between” the years)?

Not sure if some one knows how to contact that persons/team to ask for an ETA. :slightly_frowning_face:

In the meantime you can browse the documentation (with a little bit less comfort) as pointed out above:


seems the web page is now accessible again.