Error uploading files larger than 40gb



Hey everyone,

Need some help here. I recently joined a team who uses owncloud however we’re getting reports that users who upload more than 40gb are running into an error “Error uploading file “” :&quotMCSFTP/Temp/” is locked"

I’ve checked the configurations are they’re set to max file size of 100gb. I couldn’t find much in the logs and need some assistance figuring out own cloud a bit. I have access to putty into the server but not sure where else I should be looking. Please assist.


There is an interesting article in our FAQ


Hey Dmitry,

Thanks for your response. My question is, it fails to upload mid way through so if we were to unlock that file, it would continue? Or do you mean unlock the directory that the file is being uploaded to? From my understanding the file goes through the Temp directory and then into the selected directory by the user. Is this correct?


If the file is locked this could mean that you need to configure your file locking. Like with Redis or Memcache. Another reason for the upload failure could be the max_execution_time of your php.

I am just guessing here because I don’t know your setup.


Hey Dmitry,
Where is the max_execution_time setting stored?


Mine is here:


Yours might me in a different folder depending on your PHPversion.