Everything I shared grouped by people and groups

Hi Community and Dev Team!
I like owncloud very much as user and admin, thanks for that! :slight_smile:
What I’m currently missing is to see what I’m sharing with certain person or group.
I can see what I’m sharing and to whom but I can’t see clearly what exactly do I share with my colleague and some group of people.
Maybe “Shared with (by person)” and “Shared with (by group)” would be an option on left panel below “Shared with others”.
Maybe renaming “Shared with others” would be renamed to “Shared with (by share)”?
Just free thoughts :slight_smile:

Hey, the same as i had posted in one of your other posts is probably valid here as well:

Even if this is out of my interests, it’s a cool requirement!
But I think its more likely a topic for an app…