Exclude directory and its contents

I am synchronizing a local folder with a folder on the server. I have a subfolder “Debug_Build” which I want to exclude. I opened the dialog “Ignored files editor” and added “Debug_Build/”. The only effect is, that an empty local folder named “Debug_Build” is not created on the server. But as soon as files are created in this folder, everything is copied to the server. I also added “Debug_Build/*” to the exclusion list but it had no effect.
Is there any way to just exclude a subfolder?
I am using Version 5.2.1 (build 10807) under Windows.
Server version

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Yes, you do need to use “selective sync”. Just expand the little arrow next to your account in the UI.

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Hi, @hodyroff, maybe this is not what the OP meant by “exclusion”.

As far as I know, “selective sync” is a feature that prevents undesired download. I guess the OP wants to prevent upload.

In this sense, the “Edit Ignored Files”/“Ignored Files Editor” feature (linked to sync-exclude.lst file) seems to be broken. Otherwise, which exact setting can be typed in to keep files from being undesirably uploaded?

In other words: is there a solution for this problem?

As soon as folder is exlcuded the de-selection works in both directions. Still a good question for the syntax …

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Hi, @hodyroff, I’m glad to hear from the team :slight_smile:

I am still stuck in the syntax problem, so if you discover anything new about it, it would be really welcome. I even created a dedicated question here on the Central.

Thanks in advance!

It is a pattern recognition, not a path recognition. The “/” does not work.
When you add “Debug” to the list, you will exclude all folders named like that and all files named like that … let us know how it works.

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