File Drop in ownCloud 10.0.2

in version 9 there was this file drop app.
I need other users/customers to upload files anonymously. These uploads do not have an account. It is just like a box, where they can drop files and they can not retrieve files from there.

I.e. I want to publish a link, where everybody who has this link, can upload files - without authentication, without user account.
No one is allowed to view this folder from external access.

Can this be accomplished with ownCloud X?


Yes. We moved this into the normal files app. Create Public Link. Allow editing. Disallow Listing = file drop.
Huge advantage: You an now have as many of those as you want.

Thanks a lot. ..."Disallow Listing"! This is the key!

Awesome! This way I can also have multiple uploads and also share the upload directory between users...
Thaks again!

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