Files not visible in browser after fresh install

New edition. Please see below


A little more info would be helpful

Sorry I closed my browser inadvertently.
I am very new to owncloud. I tried to install it on my shared hosting at o2switch (France). To do so I downloaded the setup-owncloud.php file and placed it in a "cloud" directory I made for it via ftp. Before that I had created a subdomain which is pointing on this directory.
I pointed my browser to this subdomain and clicked on the file and the installation started. I received a message telling me that the installation was successful.

I hoped to see the "Files" page with the "Documents" and "Images" folder in it as I saw in some video tutorial on the web. But the page is empty. I can see only the side bar and a greyed home icon.

I also tried to connect to the cloud from my smartphone and it works. I can place and remove files and see that the files are really present on the server via ftp. What I cannot do is see them from my computer using a file browser.

Looks similar to some server configuration issues explained in