Folder Structure

I just started using ownCloud. The first PC I tried has three drives, and I want to back up two of these. From what I can see, all the folders from both of these drives will be under one folder. I need to keep my D: drive and G: drive separate. How can I do this?

In other words, how can I back up multiple drives on a single computer without having all of the folders jumbled together? Thank You.

You could use two different accounts.

BTW, remember that ownCloud was not designed as backup solution.

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I know that it is more like Dropbox than a backup solution, but I have a 7tb drive and cloud backup would take too long and be too pricey. Regarding two different accounts, can I have two different accounts on one computer? Thank you for your time.

Digging more into oC not being a backup solution, why is that true?

You might have a look at this thread:

Thank you for the info on oC and backup. I am working on that, but regarding two different accounts, can that be done on one computer?