GSoC'18 Project Proposal: Wordpress-ownCloud implementation

Use ownCloud as an external media pool in Wordpress. Files should be synced from an to ownCloud to implement them in a website.

Usecase 1: A Photographer has 1000 fotos on his computer he wants to share with a customer. Currently he has to upload them all manually in the wordpress media pool which has no real folder hierarchy to sort files.
A wordpress plugin using ownCloud as external media pool would make this much easier. The photographer uploads his files via oc client to his ownCloud. The wordpress plugin synchronizes a specific folder (automatically or manually) to provide the files inside Wordpress. The photographer can now easily share the files via his website.

Usecase 2: A company with several offices are using ownCloud to edit and save documents in a central spot. These documents should be shared as Download-Archive on their website. Currently they need to copy all the files into wordpress and replace them manually if a file is edited. Two independent data storages need to be kept in sync.
With the proposed wordpress plugin this process can be completely automated.

Usecase 3: Wordpress does not offer a media pool hierarchy. If you have many files it easily becomes chaotic. A wordpress plugin which implements an ownCloud as an external media pool extracts the file administration and transfers it to ownCloud, where it is much easier to do
! This is an actual problem in the wordpress community. There are some plugins introducing folder structures in the wordpress media pool but nevertheless, it's not really comfortable.

There is already a repository with a kind-of-working draft:

- Currently working with "App-Passwords" the plugin should use oAuth2.
- The sync process needs to be reviewed
- No concept for user privileges
- layout needs to be reworked
- ...

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Would this work to host files for a podcast?

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