How do i decrypt files for a certain user with the master-decryption-key

Ubuntu 16.04
PHP 7.1
OwnCloud 10.0.10
Are you using encryption: yes

Hi i need to start a serie of updates but just before i begin a user has forgotten his password and cannot access his files now.
We have set a masterpassword for decryption.

It is too long ago that i decrypted files for a user and i cannot find it at the moment.

Could someone give me a hint on how to do that please?



I think you can follow this guide, it should help you.

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Hi cs35

thank you, but the problem is that this is the manual for a newer version.

As it did not look like in the Link, i have made an extra user to test and was able to reproduce the problem.

So if anyone happens to remember how to decrypt files with a masterkey in version 10.0.10 then i would very obliged.

I do want to solve this first before i start doing a series of updates.



what’s the problem you are referring to ? I might be wrong, but so far, I can’t remember a big difference in decryption commands between ownCloud 10.0 and the current one.
Maybe have a look in this ownCloud 10.0 manual


we decided that it is better to decrypt all files.

I put owncloud in maintenance mode and ran encryption:decrypt all

I got the following with all files:
module with id: OC_DEFAULT_MODULE does not exist

Probably because i did not used single user mode?

Running decrypt again did not work (nothing to do) - when i open a txt-file it is clearly still encrypted.

Is there a way to decrypt from this point or must i restore the backup and start again?

Thanks in advance for the help.


This seems related to Decrypt all files with recovery key so you probably have user-key-based encryption in place and your question is about decrypting all users’ files using the global recover-key password. In this case, please check the suggestion in the linked topic.

About module with id: OC_DEFAULT_MODULE does not exist this is likely because you already tried to unsuccessfully decrypt the files so you may need at this point to re-enable the module by running occ encryption:enable

Thank you pako81,

I have first moved the complete install to another server where i have enough space to make extra backups. The situation before the problem with 2 users that forgot there passwords is restored.

I found in the tables that one of this users was created without marking that the global recover-key should be used.

I hope that updating to newer versions will make the chance on recovering the files to an unencryted version will be better after several updates.

I have now 5 copies of a complete 37 Gb install and had to reserve one whole server to get the install uptodate and solve the problems. I offered this for little money as a service but it grew to an install with over 100 users, they have to be patient and i have to be carefull.


Thanks for the feedback, good to hear. Please note that user-key encryption is deprecated since it comes with several limitations and you should rather use masterkey encryption.