How to create a user sign up form for owncloud user

I wanted to create a sign up form for users who will be using owncloud and gets 1-3GB storage on sign up. Something like dropbox where we sign up and get specific amount of gb as free storage and pro version allows larger storage after payment.

can any one guide me how to do it and what are the steps to do it.


It's not in the core, but you can use an app:

great share.. let me try ...
thank you very much

You still need to somehow do a provisioning of the users which i think is not possible with that app.

What you could to is to implement an web application on your own and then just call the user provisioning API of ownCloud to create users, set quotas and other stuff:

I just want to inform you guys that I already built a Drupal module Solving the registration issue in OwnCloud all what you need to have a Drupal Installed and WhyWebs Multistep registration module then register on Drupal after you fix all the needed fields in Multistep module configuration to connect with your OwnCloud Database.

As soon as any user register in your Drupal site it will automatically register your user into OwnCloud

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