How to make a shared pdf file viewable but not downloadable

Hello everyone !

We’re using owncloud 10.5.0 on Debian 9.11 and we wander if it would be possible to share a pdf file in order to make it viewable (by the pdf viewer App) but not downloadable, suppressing the “Download” button ? We didn’t find how to achieve it in the web UI, and found nothing in the user manual.
It’s a peculiar demand ouf an user of ours and as we told him we’ve never been asked for it before, we wouldn’t be surprised there is no possibility.


Hi Jean-Marc,

AFAIK this is only possible with the Secure View feature, which requires a Collabora Server and ownCloud Enterprise edition. I found this thread Files only to be viewed and not to be downloaded and the Press Release

But even with this feature enabled, for any users it is still possible to make screen shots, so in the end it still is possible to “copy” the pdf in some way …

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Hello Cortho,

Thank you very much for this info, I’ll have a look to this feature. We’ve got enough material for answering our user.

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