How to view contents of Qnap when own cloud is runnn gon it?

Hi there.

Question QNAP TS-341P
Runing owncloud 8.1

We installed owncloud thinking this would give access to the data that resides on shares on the QNAP, I cant see that it does. It just sets up its own folder structures.
Any ideas on how we can connect tothe shares on teh QNAP for owncloud users please?

(nb reason for using owncloud over qsync was its ability to “sync on demand”)



it seems there was a similar question/discussion around this topic few days ago in How to add my QNAP TS-251+ media folder to Owncloud?

This is not directly related:

but looks like a heavily outdated and unsupported version of ownCloud to me. Personally i wouldn’t trust my data to such a version.