Impersonate app (or similar functionality) for ownCloud 8.2?

I am aware that in ownCloud versions 9 and 10, there is an app called Impersonate that lets the administrator access other users’ files.
I still have version 8.2 of ownCloud. Is there any way to achieve similar functionality?
I read this FAQ How to have admin access to all users files within the WebGUI
However, Workaround 1 describes an approach that won’t work for me. The server was set up several years ago, and it’s too late to change how the users’ data is saved.

Alternatively, I’d be fine with having admin access to all users files through a command line tool as well. It doesn’t have to within the web GUI


have you considered to upgrade the unsupported and end-of-life version 8.2 to the recent 10.0.10? In the past i had found the following blogpost below which seems to provide some info on how to go directly from 8.2.11 to 10.0.10.