How to have admin access to all users files within the WebGUI



As an admin i want to see all files of my users within the WebGUI.


ownCloud itself doesn’t provide any functionality to get a “master” access to all files of your users within the WebGUI.

However two possible workarounds exist:

Workaround 1:

  1. Share a folder (e.g. “Shared to admin”) to a user or group
  2. Set the quota of 0 bytes for the user or the group

With that setup your users or groups are only able to upload files to this shared folder. When sharing a folder to a group be aware that all group members are able to see the files within that Share.

Workaround 2:

Use the “Impersonate” App: (might not work with recent oC versions)

Important hint:

Please notice your users that you have access to their files. Furthermore you should make sure that you’re not violating Data Protection / Data Privacy laws with that setup.

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