Increase disk space - appliance

I have installed the appliance on VMware, and the virtual disk appears to be 50 GB only…I have a dedicated 6TB for this owncloud which I cannot use for the pupose…

Please advice how can I tell VMware to use the other dirve as my primary storage of backup (the 6TB one).

Setup: server 2016 running VMware workstation, server is installed on SSD and another 6TB connected to the same box for this purpose.


maybe the following is valid here as well?

I’m using the dockerized owncloud installation that is built into the Virtualbox UCS appliance which is downloadable as an .ova file from ownCloud. I ran into this problem too and the workaround I came up with seems to be working. The workaround is to mount a bigger volume to owncloud’s default data directory.

First of all, in the owncloud appliance I downloaded, the application folder is in:


The user data folder is in:


  1. Create a separate .vdi file in the virtualbox “Tools” section.
  2. Add the .vdi as an IDE Primary Device in the VM running the appliance.
  3. In the UCS command-line interface, partition the device as a Linux disk, create a physical volume from it, then a volume group and a logical volume. My volume group is named “vgoc” and the logical volume is “userdata”. My logical volume has an ext4 file system.
  4. temporarily mount the volume (I mounted it to /data)
  5. set the following permissions and ownership to the folder:
    chown -R www-data:www-data /data
    chmod -R 755 /data
  6. use RSync to replicate the existing data folder to the newly mounted volume. In my case, it was the command below:
    rsync -r /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/owncloud/data/ /data
  7. add a line to etc/fstab to mount the logical volume to the existing owncloud data directory. The existing owncloud data directory doesn’t have to be emptied first- the existing contents will simply not be available and any activity to that folder will take place on the mounted logical volume. If there is a problem, you can just unmount the drive and the existing contents of the owncloud data directory will be visible again. For convenience, this is what my own /etc/fstab entry looks like:
    UUID={The UUID of your logical volume} /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/owncloud/data ext4 defaults 0 0
  8. reboot

NOTE: I did this right after installation with no one connected to the server, but you’ll probably want to put owncloud in maintenance mode before doing this if it’s not a new installation.