Installed on Linux Mint - no idea about settings or access via web/GUI

Hi, I am not technically knowledgeable at all. I installed OwnCloud 9 on Linux Mint 14 via command prompt - added repositories, whatever. I just followed instructions from the site, and another source or two. Until I was about to complete an entire set of instructions to the conclusion.

Now I have no idea what to do. How to see it, I don't even know if it works.

In my search for answers, I have more questions.
1). I didn't go to sites like No IP to create whatever.
2). I don't know how to pull up the web interface to access OwnCloud on the system I installed it on.
3). I don't know how to get the settings to configure the desktop client or mobile apps.

I have been searching, watching, and reading for days. But I'm very lost, I don't know what I have or where it is. I've since forgotten exactly what I did, did I configure the database?

Note: I had WordPress installed first, I don't know if it's an issue.

Any input would be appreciated. Perhaps I'm in over my head?

Thank you

This is useful if you run ownCloud at home. ISPs often change your public ip from time to time. No-IP and other services make sure that always points to your current public ip.

It's provided by your webserver. If we don't know what you did and which tutorial you followed and at which point it failed, it will be hard to tell you what's wrong.

You have to get the web-interface running first.

At least, you webserver and php are running. You can run both at the same time. It is possible that you broke something in your configuration.

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Thank you so very much!! I will read thru carefully and glean what direction to go in.

Again, I appreciate the thorough and clear response.

I will get an IP and then reference the tutorial I followed last.


I lost track of this project. Trying to revive it.

Maybe I should start over?
- to configure a static IP first
- to track the tutorials I use so that I can reference them

I couldn't work the directions on this site at all. After several attempts, I was successful using a command line - (which I can only do what I have instructions for, micro working command line knowledge).