Internet Explorer 11: no files

Hi there,

i downloaded latest VM image with ubuntu 14.04.2 and owncloud 9.1.1
Everything works fine - i thought - even i used Internet Explorer 11.

When loging in (local user oder ldap user, does not matter), screen ist empty:
there are no files and no possibility to create folders, upload files, and so on:

after that i'm using firefox or chrome with exact this user, works.
back to internet explorer, login, works.

so it seems that there is a finishing process for every profile when loging in the first time and then it works,
and this process does not finish when using IE?

is this behavior reproducible at onyone else of you?

thank you


please report this directly to

Also be aware of:

Supported Web browsers are:
- IE11+ (except Compatibility Mode)



thank you, i reported it to github.

i've no compatibility mode enabled and after login in an other browser with the same user login in IE works, too.

same here for any new user (Upgrade 9.0 >
it is also not possible to Change the users language, Show hidden files is active

no Problems with existing users

workaround: use Firefox for 1. sing in...

So the issue is caused by the firstrunwizard app or more exactly a 3rdparty component (colorbox) used by it.

Until a new version of that app is released with the next oC version you can either disable that app or use another browser like firefox for the first login.

Ref for the fix: