Is it planning to integrate talk app to owncloud?


Im checking possibilities and now I see how this app is being everytime more popular, but I can’t see in the marketplace. Is it planned to integrate in owncloud too?

Other option is the option to integrate customized but talk I think can be more easy.


I don’t think it will be integrated, as ownCloud and Nextcloud have two very different approaches when it comes to new features.

Where Nextcloud seems to go into the direction of a Groupware, ownCloud is focusing on the core features of a sync and share solution, and I agree with that.

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Thanks for your answer. I know botj projects and Im agree about you said, but I think now is being everytime more popular to use webrtc protocol (is opensource) to offer videochat to users and I can’t find any alternative in owncloud to proiertary solutions like zoom. If now we are shareing docs, we can play videos and music, why to not offer secure videostraming? most popular is being to create secure and private communication between users from a group.
Nextcloud talk was only and example, because are not developing this project, webrtc is an open protocol and can be a new option inside companies in a moment where with COVID pandemy are looking more to use tools to work in a private environment all communications.

For me justly is a real alternative, other option is to integrate directly how app.


The only advantage I see to integrate a chat or video calls is to contact with specific persons who have accounts in ownCloud in an easy way.
The problem is that, in order to make this work, you require the other person to be active, which means he has to have an active session opened in ownCloud. I won’t count on this because most of the ownCloud’s usage is to upload / download files. I mean, how much time are you active inside ownCloud?

If the approach is like “professional” platforms such as zoom, gotometing or webex, where you open a room and people somehow joins at a determined hour, then what is the advantage of opening ownCloud instead of zoom or gotometing? If it’s just privacy, I’m pretty sure you can find alternatives on-premises which are dedicated and designed for that use case, and will do a better job than ownCloud can.

Note that for every piece of software ownCloud develop, it’s ownCloud the responsible of knowing every nook and cranny about the solution.
You also need to take into account that ownCloud has to push as much as it can for enterprise. If we talk about video calls, I think ownCloud would need to guarantee at least 25-30 participants in the same video call, probably more, without the call being slugish. And we can easily add more pressure by adding 2-3 calls at the same time.
Even if spreed (or whatever platform) takes care of this, ownCloud would need to know how things can be deployed in order to provide good support to its clients.

As said, I don’t see any breaking advantage that would make big enterprises to switch to “ownCloud calls” instead of using whatever they’re already using.


Thanks for your answer. Justly now we are using owncloud and, because with all pandemic situation, organizations needs not only to share docs or files, they work with streaming in a logged environments. Now only I can use a password to control access, when with owncloud you can have more security and same password for all environment and services.

For now exist different services to create possibility for work in a group with collabora and onlyoffice, for ex, but all groups that I found are looking to include a secure way to have a videocall. Webex or zoom are closed products famous to be insecure and unstable, but webrtc is open and develop this new option, but I don’t know how to integrate with owncloud, to offer this service justly in the same environment that you has sharing a file. why not share a conversation?

I don’t know If exist the possibility to create and app that simply integrate the url screen for logged users. To start can be very useful.

Im sure that this app can produce a lot of new owncloud users.

I know its a long time since there was activity on this thread, but did you mange to sort it out?

We have a self hosted video product that works on nextcloud which means it should work with owncloud if I am not mistaken.
It makes the federated ID on the server into the contact point on the “seequre” network.
I think we have what everyone needs, group calls, temporary rooms that allows users without accounts to connect, meeting/ calendar invites, one to one chat, android app that connects to your server, custom SFU that we help customers setup so they own their own data.
Currently we are closed source as we need to find a way to monetize it if we go open source.

No data is transmitted to us if you setup Turn/SFU/Seequre.

If you want to try to see if it works with owncloud ,we have a docker version, a linux server version and a windows version (it can run on a laptop with win 10) and we allow Postgresql and mssql as databases.

You can take a look at to see what its about if you are interested.