Issues Using the App on desk and iPad

Hi, I have try using own cloud from my browser on my iPad, then via the app.
I’m using the app on my iPad, and I experience one or two issues.
From the browser, I can’t select files, drag and drop them, or move them to another folder, either manually, or with a contextual menu.
I downloaded the app, hoping this would solve the issue.
Now, I cannot access my own server from the app. I get an “invalid method” message, when I select the main folder I created.

Thanks for your help.


Hi, can you give a little bit more information about your setup?

Server version, Installation method and so on.


this reminds me somehow on the “method not allowed” message which is related to a server misconfiguration:

ownCloud team is working on a new web UI “Project Phoenix”. I hope it will work on touch devices. Here you can find more information:

I opened an issue to discuss this with the team:

What is the error in the owncloud.log when you see this error?

Hi Dmitry,

Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t used owncloud on my iPad yet. Maybe the issue is solved now. I’ll check it as soon as possible.
I am not at all into system admin. etc.
But here is the info I have: the server version is 10.0.10 .
What do you mean by installation method?

Thank you

Hi Michael,
I am not at all into servers. Is there any update regarding the web interface, and the apps (iPad, Android)?
I haven’t experienced any issues with my phone, and need to check if things have improved with my iPad. In the meantime, with my current server, I cannot copy/paste items.

How can I backup my files in case I decide to use a new version of owncloud is released (web and client application, MacOS).

@coralie to backup the macOS application, just copy the sync folder.

We’re going to release a new ownCloud iOS app very soon: It fully supports the iOS Files app, but also supports copy, move and drag & drop, on iPads also between other apps.

For testing, just open this link on your device:

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