Issues Using the App on desk and iPad


Hi, I have try using own cloud from my browser on my iPad, then via the app.
I’m using the app on my iPad, and I experience one or two issues.
From the browser, I can’t select files, drag and drop them, or move them to another folder, either manually, or with a contextual menu.
I downloaded the app, hoping this would solve the issue.
Now, I cannot access my own server from the app. I get an “invalid method” message, when I select the main folder I created.

Thanks for your help.



Hi, can you give a little bit more information about your setup?

Server version, Installation method and so on.



this reminds me somehow on the “method not allowed” message which is related to a server misconfiguration:


ownCloud team is working on a new web UI “Project Phoenix”. I hope it will work on touch devices. Here you can find more information:


I opened an issue to discuss this with the team:


What is the error in the owncloud.log when you see this error?