List all users who have access to a shared folder/file

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are there any news about the topic? its really important to have.
We have multiple users and nobody else can see if the right shares are set to an folder.
Eg. a Member who created a team-share is leaving… so nobody else can see the shared users or already invited users.

Any News?


If you are the share owner, you can see all the users the share recipients have shared your share with in the share list.

In this example user1 shared the folder A to user 2, user2 shared the folder A to user3.
user1, the share owner, can see that his folder was re-shared to user3.


But if the share owner has left the company - no one can see it or if I want to share the „shared list“ - so this is working with google drive or Dropbox … why can it not be implemented in owncloud? It’s a main feature if you want to work with a team with the software:(

If the owner left the company, you can use the files:transfer-ownership command to transfer all the files to an “active” account.

On a different topic, if the owner left the company, shouldn’t those files be deleted along with his account? If those files are “public” or don’t really belong to the user, why are those files being owned by him? why are those files inside his personal storage?