Local file name clash

Hello all
Getting issue with synchronizing files at Desktop client ( version 2.5.4 ) , getting as file to downloaded because of local file name clash.

I’ve set up server in Ubuntu server 16.04 and owncloud server is 10.0.10 and desktop version is 2.5.4

Server configuration

Operating system** :
Web server: apache
Database: My SQL
PHP version: 7.0
ownCloud version: 10.0.10

@Karthik_P What is your desktop operating system? Is you local file system cases sensitive or not?

Hello @michaelstingl .
Desktop operation system : windows 10 and local file system is case sensitive

A case insensitive local filesystem would have been my first guess. Hmm. Can you us the exact name that is reported to clash?


these are the some files I am getting errors

Puh. no special characters, nothing suspicious…
The client log should have a warning for each clash, in the form of
"Detected case clash between" << file << "and" << realFileName;
When we see the clashing pair, maybe that gives a hint.
Press CTRL-L on the settings window to open the log output dialog.

Can you make a simple test to check that you filesystem is really case insensitive?

I explainded here: File does not match checksum

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This is Windows, you can see it in the picture.

where I can find case sensitive settings at server?

@cdamken and @michaelstingl

I see that case sensitive where a one file is registered as 18JUN00KOO.Mp3 and 18JUN00KOO.mp3

I need both the files to be available with these any way to turn off / apply case sensitive in server side ???

You would need to put windows in to case-sensetive mode. AFAIK there is no possibility to do this. The linux server should already be case-sensitive by default

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Probably this helps

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