Locked File in Owncloud version 10

Hi, Everyone.
This is my first post here, and although I found similar topics on your website, I could not solve the issue. I am also a noob, so if I am asking a very basic question in the wrong place, please notify me.
I installed Owncloud on my website (webhost), and it was working great on my Windows 10 desktop computer. When I installed it on my Android phones every file that I opened in my phone is not going to be deleted, and in my desktop, I receive this message that the file is locked and can not be synched.
According to this link I wanted to enable maintenance mode but when I go to the Cpanel and find the public-html/Owncloud/Config/Config.php to edit that I can not find any word "maintenance" in the file to turn it on or off.
I wanted to mention that I do not use/know Linux. I am a windows user.
Another point that I was reading to avoid this error is to increase Cache. I have no idea how to do that, and I would appreciate it if you explain this cache should be on the phone or on the server, etc.
I should also mention that I went to the public-html/OC/data/username/files and deleted the locked file manually and this did not fix any of my problems. There was a cache folder besides files folder which was empty.
I really appreciate it if you help me solving this problem. If you want me to use other software to solve this problem please leave 101 links for me as I said I am just a noob.
Thank you

As for maintenance mode: add a line in config.php with the parameter described here: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/9.1/admin_manual/configuration_server/config_sample_php_parameters.html

As for locked files: I am not the expert for that but: never change files in data directory by yourself as those changes need to be done in the database as well (what you should not edit directly, too)
Try to read about locked files using google, start with this: https://central.owncloud.org/t/file-is-locked-how-to-unlock/985

Thank you, Bernie, your first link solved my problem in putting the OC in maintenance mode. However, your second link is the same exact one in my original question. That is the one that I can not follow probably because it is too technical for me and also there are lots of mismatches between the OC versions.
Here I copy paste the part that I try to imitiate:

Manually disable locking state:
1.put ownCloud in maintenance mode: edit config/config.php and change this line:
'maintenance' => true,
2.Empty table oc_file_locks: Use tools such as phpmyadmin or connect directly to your database and run:
DELETE FROM oc_file_locks WHERE 1
3.disable maintenance mode (undo first step).

My problem is number 2 now. I do not have/know phpmyadmin. How to run that command from my database?

maybe this helps:

I used phpmyadmin for that.

When I was setting up my OwnCloud, I did not set up any sql. I just manually have users, and that's it. I am saying this because I can not find any table in the Phpmyadmin and each time I type that Delete command, I receive an error.
Is there any way to list all the tables? Maybe that is why I can not execute the command. Maybe in the new version of OC 10, the name of the file or table is different.

Maybe you're running sqlite? Then you won't find any tables via phpmyadmin.

My host is ehost and in the Cpanel under SQL I do not see anything named sqlite. I have four options:
3.MySQLdatabases wizard
4.Remote MySQL

I am not sure what is the 4th one used for but I tried the first 3 options and I could not find any tables etc.
Would you explain more about sqllite and how I can find it?