Login impossible after downgrade to 8.2

I wanted to update my owncloud 8.2.3-2.1 through apt-get to the actual 9.1.4-2.1
apt-get install --only-upgrade owncloud
but missed the very important fact that I must not jump over the 9.0
So I couldn't update the DB via Web or occ and had to go back to 8.2, I thought.
But I didn't find the exact 8.2 repository on the repository site so I added the 8.2 which gave me exactly the 8.2.10-1.1
I downgraded to this and did the occ (on the website I got that Possible CSRF attack. Connection will be closed. Error) and got no error with occ.
But now all my logins dont work anymore.
I guess this is by overwriting the db by the "update" (which was not the right version).
Is there a way to login again?


Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

Login works now, dont know what it was.
But I get now when I try

sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan franc

this error:

"scanner::3feccf0e29fae3ab66da46dc2ffe639d" is locked

This might be because I started it but stopped it after a long while with cmd+C, didn't think that I shouldnt stop it.
How can I unlock it now?

Have a look at the following FAQ:

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Yes, this worked!
Thank you.
Now I updated first from 8.2 to 9.0 and then to 9.1 and now all is working again :slight_smile: