Lost all access to free owncloud!

I am using owncloud for our small 2 people family business, hosted by ionos (https://serveur.hbco.fr/). All our sensible data is there. PHP 7.2 It seems version 9.1, free.

Overnight access to login page is replaced by owncloud error message, as you will see following the link above…

The programmer who installed it some years ago went in pension and told us since that time it has proved to be a very sensible software; there exists such problems ; he cannot help if all access is lost and advise creating a new server with another program. !! Bye bye data…

My call for community help was helping for finding out the version due to the good will of one member, but not further.

Has anyone a suggestion ? Is there something as a professionnal support which can be pay for, in case of using a free version ?

Hi Henri,
I would recommend to get in touch with your webhoster, they might either be able to help you straight away or will know somebody who can.
If you would like this forum to help you, you need access to the server and then you can have a look in the different logs to see if you find an error message. Once you find the error messages, you can post it here and we can have a look whether we can help you.
Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thanks for giving attention, Erik.

Yes at first I contacted both our previous and present webmasters but they suggested to seek help of owncloud, needing someone knowing the particulars of the programm to detect which could be the cause of not accessing anymore to the login page, and eventually being able to correct it in our web domain.

Using this software was an excellent experience, I found it highly intuitive, efficient and elegant. I wonder how such thing can happen.


please correct me if i’m wrong but to me this topic looks like exactly the same like previously posted in Internal server error = no more access!

If this is the case then i think it would be recommended to use a single topic for the same problem.


i think this happens because of this:

If i’m understanding the blogpost below correctly only ownCloud 10.0.10 onward is supporting PHP 7.2 so your problem might have started once you or your provider has decided to update PHP to a version which isn’t supported by the used ownCloud version.