macOS Server Compatibility

When or will OwnCloud be compatible with MacOS Server?


Most likely "never" until a contributor from the community is jumping in and is solving the unicode issues (and agrees to maintain Mac OS X support) discussed in the following issues:

This following issue is even saying: "I'm closing this now because we will not support MAC server."

That's a shame considering the number of Mac users there are.

Indeed and no one of these Mac users can help out to make it compatible ;-(

Don't mix desktop users and servers. There is no real usage of Mac OS X on servers.

well, I would like to use it on the mac OS X server. so for me it would be a real usage...

No doubt that there are some people with OS X servers who'd like to use ownCloud. And as you can see in the github-discussion there were quite some efforts to run it on these platforms, even when there was no official OS X support any more:

It probably would require some time and knowledge on OS X systems to make it work which ownCloud can't provide. But people can contribute to ownCloud and implement OS X support (or pay someone to do so).

As a workaround you can use virtual machines to run Linux, or use Linux or *BSD directly on Mac hardware (some seem to be supported).

Does anyone feel that with 10.13 High Sierra and the new APFS that does file name normalization ownCloud will become a supported install on OS X Server?

Anyone? 10.13... APFS?

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