Maximum upload size not updating

Hello Team,

Recently we have upgraded owr own-cloud server to latest stable version 9.1.0. and now we are not able to update "Maximum upload size ".
When we update it to any value it shows that value but after reload the page it came back to default which is 2 MB.

I have made all required changes in the php.ini file.

So please let me know solution for that.


all known infos how to fix your config to allow larger uploads are collected here:

I did this already also i updated .user.ini file as well but this did not fixed the issue.

Can you tell me why this is not updated through owncloud admin panel

I am getting below error

Error uploading file "Win8_Pro_x86_EN-US_ISO_{CYCLONOID}.iso": Total file size 2.5 GB exceeds upload limit 2 MB

A really good starting point would be to fill out the shown issue template when creating a thread instead of deleting it. Up to know no info about your environment is provided...

Let me know what you need from my side so i can provide you

The issue template asdescribed above is asking all needed info

Can you specify it here so i can provide you

Nope, create a new thread and copy the template from there in here and fill it out.

I am not sure about which template you are talking about.

Open and click "new thread". The new box has a prefilled template asking you all needed info

created new topic

below is the link for the same