More space in owncloud

how can I integrate extra hard drive into owncloud without using storage local app

I have 6TB x 2 and 250gb sdd disk install on machine
I have the operating system and owncloud on 250gb ssd disk so I use the data storage from 250 ssd disk

I think you can move your data directory that it points to the mounted disk.
But there is some work to do.


What OS? Win? Linux? OSX? Answer’s different for different platforms.

For Linux:

  1. Use LVM to create a storage pool from the “spare” disks and create a logical volume in it for owncloud data.
  2. Format created LV with filesystem and give it a mount count for the data volume (e.g. /opt/owncloud-data
  3. Stop owncloud, copy the existing data directory contents into the new mounted volume
  4. edit owncloud config file to point data directory to new mounted volume
  5. restart owncloud in maintenance mode and run as many of the checks as you can find and have time for.
  6. when enough time’s passed for confidence (maybe a week or month), delete the old owncloud data folder.

Well, the official docs tell something different. I’m quite sure you’ll end up in trouble, if not following the steps from my above link.

Hi alfredb

I did what was written on the instruction
apachectl -k stop
rsync -avz / var / www / owncloud / data / mnt / owncloud
ln -s / mnt / owncloud / var / www / owncloud / data
apachectl -k graceful

I can now see everything is transferred on the other storage, but I don’t know how to do rest of the instruction,
if you could tell me step by step would be great

have stopped here

Fix Hardcoded Database Path Variables

But why? Every step you must take is documented there. I cannot amend anything to it, it’s complete as it is.

I think, if you prefer, you can do those db changes with a web-frontend like phpMyAdmin. Otherwise you have to run the SQL commands from the shell.

Before you start: Please backup the database, just in case…

This may be helpful since I had to expand my storage as well and didn’t know how.