Moving without delete permissions causes Desktop client to crash

Expected behaviour

Moving a file in a share when a user has edit permission, but not delete permission, should move the file - nothing destructive is happening.

Actual behaviour

The file is moved on the user’s PC, but the ownCloud client continually crashes on startup.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create folder as user 1
  2. Share folder with user 2, giving create / edit / change permissions but NOT delete
  3. User 2 signs into ownCloud client and waits for sync to finish
  4. User 2 moves a file
  5. Restart client app
  6. App crashes
  7. Give user 2 delete permission
  8. Restart desktop app
  9. App no longer crashes, file moves are synced

Server configuration

Operating system: Raspbian Buster (all packages up to date)

Docker server image (no Docker image for 10.5 available)

Docker version 19.03.12, build 48a6621
Docker-compose version 1.25.4

Client configuration

Client version: 2.6.3

Operating system: Windows 10

OS language: English (British)

Installation path of client: C:\Program Files (x86)\ownCloud\owncloud.exe

Thanks for opening the new issue.

Did you submit the crash report? Could post the crash id here?

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A big problem we have is that Owncloud often and unexplainably doesn’t us a “move” to handle a move or rename of a file or a folder.

Instead it (annoyingly) proceeds to upload the files/folders to the server at the new location or with the new name and then deletes the original files/folders at the old location or name.

It would be interesting to know whether you are suffering that effect here - it could possibly account for your problem since it would be trying to delete a file which it can’t at a late stage in the sync.

@michaelstingl I did but unfortunately didn’t make a note of the (several) crash IDs

@joholm Yes that sounds very likely - I have noticed it do the upload of files to the new location instead of moving when working with video files - however I have also seen MOVE in logs?

@michaelstingl have you managed to reproduce the issue?

A move is indeed part of the delete permission in ownCloud. Edit means that you update a file with the same name, or rename the file. We use this often to prevent mass-deletes by accident.
The local file system on the client doesn’t know about tha (something I like to fix eventually).
Why do you restart the app in step 5?
For me this is not reproducible in this way. Rather the server complaints and the file is downloaded again.

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My observation so far is that the crash doesn’t happen until the app starts up the next time. Having figured it out this hasn’t happened since I reported this, and the machine is used daily for work so breaking it again isn’t top of my list to do - however I’ll have a go and submit some crash IDs in case the issue is something else.

Crashed again - ID 34b7007c-7685-463b-ba66-48ae7946f64e

I have some more Crash IDs - problem is sorted by deleting the relevant folder entirely, and allowing ownCloud to download a fresh copy.


When people in my company began move or delete some files accidentally - I disabled rights for this, and after that windows app started crashing.

Team fixed some evil bugs in the 2.9 branch, which caused crashes, especially around permissions. You can test-drive with the latest 2.9 pre-release builds:

In case it still crashes, please report back with the new crash ID, so the team can have another look.

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