Multiple accounts

I use Owncloud 2.9.0 (build 5150) 240687
Ordinateur Mac Os 10.15.7
Serveur Ovh Mutualisé php 7.3
MYSQL v.5.6

For several days I have had this message below

For info I am backing up my external hard drive on two different owncloud accounts

Is it for that?

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I got 1 server, 1 account and 1 client installation. Also seeing this message since the latest update (Windows client 2.9.0 (build 5150)).


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Having the same nasty message after updating Desktop Client to 2.9.0 (though the sync functionality itself is not affected and everything works alright).

The problem is that I can no longer synchronize a file on two different accounts


I have the same problem. Client config file looks ok so far.

But a long time ago I used this server on the problematic machine with its LAN DNS name and then at some point switched to the WAN DNS name so that link shares did not always have to be revised. Could this possibly be relevant?

Edit: Windows Client 2.9.0, Sync 2 separate accounts from 2 different servers into different folders. But the other sync works without problems.

User TheOneRing commented in owncloud github repo:

You either have multiple accounts using the same folder or some old and orphaned ._sync_*.db or .sync_*.db files from previous setups in that folder.

The solution seems to work for me as well. But keep the file with the newest date.

I can’t sync the same local folder to two different Owncloud accounts anymore!
I have this message: There is already a synchronization from the server to this local folder. Please choose another local folder!

Before updating to ownCloud 2.9.0 (build 5150) 240687 it worked fine!

Now this is by design, it is not a bug. Maybe you could just share that folder between two accounts instead?

It is an external hard drive that I want to synchronize on two accounts

I mean why not sync that folder with one account AND share it with the other, so that all the changes to your data will be available when accessing it from both accounts? Just share that folder between both accounts in the web GUI.

That’s what I do ! no ? sorry for my english but I may not have understood everything you say

No, because you said that you are trying to “sync the same local folder to two different Owncloud accounts” (from you own words above). Can’t you see how that is different from syncing the folder to one account and sharing it with the other account? Go read my post one more time.

Can you via a picture show me? Because I insist on the fact that I want to store all my data from my external hard drive on two different owncloud accounts

I also think that your configuration is the real reason for the new warning inserted in the client and actually makes sense at this point.

If both accounts are on the same server, it actually makes sense to share the files with a second account. So the files are not duplicated on the server. As a backup to the same HD it doesn’t really make sense. But here you have to pay attention to the directory structure.

If there are two different servers, then the client-server role is probably reversed.

no my two accounts are on two different servers

Your own private servers?

Yes, a shared server and a dedicated

Hm, if you don’t want third parties to have access to both servers, I would consider turning one of the Owncloud server instances into a client.

If it’s about redundancy, it might make more sense on a lower level, i.e. file system. But that depends on volume and bandwidth, I think.

From a cloud perspective, I think the warning actually makes sense at that point, since you can very quickly end up with a data loss if another client has access to one of the server files. Even if the probability decreases if you only work alone on the files, this does not necessarily correspond to the cloud approach. I’m sorry that I can’t provide a useful solution without changing the server structure. Maybe someone else.

I didn’t have this problem with my previous version. If I revert to the old version will this correct the problem?

I would be very careful and would only restore the old version if I had a backup for everything (both server DBs, server files and Client) or if I was 100% sure that nothing except the client version had changed in the files or databases. In the best case you would have to resync everything.

For reasons of beug I am going back from version 2.9.0 to 2.8.1 on my mac computer
Only it bothers me to resynchronize 90 GB of data.

Is it possible to Resynchronize on a server without having to Redownload everything?

Thank you