Multiple files download feature

I’m maybe the most satisfied of ownCloud users … happy like a child, really!
However there is a feature I’m missing like crazy in te iOS App (or I don’t seem to find and/or I don’t know a quick alternative)

Multiple file downloads!

From inside a folder one could be able to select multiple files and save them all at once in place of going one by one (progress indicator for each would be the sweetest of things, parallel downloads would be not a must-have)

This could even be limited to image and videos mime types and they would go inside Fotos app

This should be in the ownCloud App and/or in ownCloud location inside iOS Files App

I would totally LOVE it
Is there a possibility to see it in future?

Thanks and keep up the AMAZING work!

While at it (:sweat_smile:) could be nice also to have the possibility (maybe a switch inside the preferences) to have the App not to try to open the file itself when doing individual “Save” to allow the user to faster select more files to save locally.
Speaking of which I saw something similar in the ownCloud location inside Files App with a convenient download button for each cell but when downloading one, the others are disabled…

We’re working on a new iOS app. Here you can find more information:

Do you know another app that does the multi-download/-saving very user friendly? I’d love to check it for inspiration…

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Sweet! I will start to use it straight away.

Alright, well…

Without overthinking it, there is the Dropbox App which brings you halfway done, giving you an UIBarButtonItem on the right for multiple selection… but then it lacks the Download option which could be located at the bottom…

Even better it could be the iCloud Drive location in File App… items are thumbnailed and the BarButton again lets you select them with checkbox inside the thumbnail itself and then, very natively (thing that I love), you’ll find at the bottom the Export button which will let you choose your action, with Save among the options.

Great to see you so interested in feedbacks! Awesome!

Sure, we’re super interested in feedback. There’s already discussion about multi-select file actions going on:

I’m also thinking about ways to upvote features:

I checked the multiselect-export feature in the iOS Files app, but I can’t find a real multi-saving feature??

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I think it is limited to recognized images and videos… I’m commenting with screenshot on github right now!

Sweet! Just Voted!! :wink:

Ah. Yes, I’ve seen this in other apps and it’s super useful. Not sure if we’ll have this in the initial implementation, but it’s definitely on the roadmap.

See?? I will surely look forward to it! A LOT!!!

Guess what? With the beta preview of the app the feature is somewhat already there when using it in the Files App Location!
However you need first to download them choosing Copy for example… and second time that you will select them you can save them on device… yes you need to select them twice

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