New user password in emails



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Steps to reproduce
1.Manually create a new user with username/email and password

Expected behaviour
New user should get a notification email with their new account login and password, along with link to owncloud's install

Actual behaviour
User get the email, but there is no password in the email. Only the user login.

Server configuration
ownCloud version: 9.1

The email template code is:

	print_unescaped($l->t('<p>You now have an %s account.<br><br>Your username: %s
       <br>Access it: <a href="%s">%s</a></p><br>', array($theme->getName(), $_['username'], $_['url'], $_['url'])));

What is the "API" reference to show the user's password in this email?




moving to the feature request category as it is in general not possible to send passwords in the email by modifying the email template. Furthermore closing as a duplicate of the below linked issue as this currently already getting implemented in ownCloud. At that link you will find the needed references.