So how to YOU create new external users?



I have a new owncloud installation that authenticate to our LDAP server, but I also create external users who need to access our system. Ideally I'd like owncloud to email a newly created users a link that they can use to login and create their own password (like a password reset link). Unfortunately I always have to send them a separate email saying

"You've just received a notice indicating than an account has been created for you. Please try llogging into owncloud with a made-up password and then, when it fails, click the "Wrong password. Reset Password?" link. Enter your username and then a password reset link will be sent to you"

That is pretty awkward. Yes I could send them the password that I entered when I created the account, but
1) That is insecure
2) They may not change it when they log-in, which is more insecure.

Ideally, I shouldn't enter a password at all. I should just create a user by entering an email address and ownlcoud should send the "password reset" link to them.

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moving to the feature request category as the following is indeed the only possibility currently:

However i'm closing this issue as there is an existing feature request available here:

which seems to link to an existing PR where some one is currently implementing this functionality: