No occ group commands in 10.0.2

Hello, ownCloud Team!
I am new in ownCloud, but i really like it.
Our installation is already in production and everything work fine.

I have created a script for import users. It create some groups (if they not exist) which is very cool.
Now i do not need this users and groups anymore.
I write some script to remove users (took this as example and manual page for 10.0 version of owncloud)
Unfortunately i have discover, that “group” commands are gone from 10.0.2 so i can not do something like this:

sudo -Eu wwwrun php /srv/www/htdocs/owncloud/occ group:delete Москва

But in ownCloud 10.0 Server Administration manual there is “group” section in occ commands list.

It is not so big problem to remove groups mannually, but could you please explain why it been removed?

the group commands were added on Jun 30
Please try with 10.0.3RC

Thank you for the information.
I do not whant to install RC on production server, so we'll clone our VM to make development server.
I'll mark this answer as "solves the problem" after the test. (but i'm sure it will work)